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Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate PVP is a procedure usually performed BPH laser verde patients that have an enlarged prostate gland. In this procedure, the doctor will use laser technology to remove excess tissue from the prostate gland of the male patient. The prostate gland can be accessed through open surgery or through the urethra.

Every Mother dreams of her child leading a normal, happy BPH laser verde healthy life. This is the story of Mwanza's Son who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease shortly after his birth. Read More. We got about BPH laser verde minutes of a tete-a-tete with Mr. A BPH laser verde year-old man who answered our interviewer just before leaving for the airport to fly back home hearty and healthy.

Please i. I am Rekiyat ChogudoI from Nigeria, a 52 years old woman with a history of pains on my right loin. BPH laser verde consulted many doctors and have got most of my treatments in Nigeria but the pain has been persiste. T V Seshagiri is a skilled and Top Urologist in Bangalore with rich experience and knowledge in BPH laser verde field of urology. Joseph Thachil is amongst the Best Urologists in Chennai and has a vast experience in the field of urology.

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Reproductive medicine Respiratory BPH laser verde 2. Spinal Surgery 9. Vascular surgery Ashish Sabharwal Dr. Gagan Gautam Dr. Aditya Pradhan Dr. Moamen Mohammed Amin Abdelrahim Dr. Sanjay Gogoi Dr. Amit Goel Dr. T V Seshagiri Dr. Joseph Thachil Dr. Feroz Amir Zafar Dr. Vikas Jain. Lyfboat Recommended. Works at BPH laser verde Apollo Hospitals and 1 more hospitals.

Inhe completed a three-year fellowship training in endourology and robotic prostate surgery at Jackson Health System in Miami, Florida. During this training, he was involved in more than 1, laser and robotic prostate surgeries and handled several cases of kidney stones using laser treatment.

View Detailed Profile. Ch Urology ,M. He is a US fellowship trained robotic uro oncologist and his entire practice is exclusive to the surgical treatment of patients suffering from prostate, kidney and urinary bladder cancers. Happy Lyfboat Patients. Please i Read More. I consulted many doctors and have got most of my treatments BPH laser verde Nigeria but the pain has been persiste Read More. Read More Testimonials. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Sanjay Gogoi is a renowned name in the field of Urology.

In the field of renal transplantation, Dr. Gogoi is expert in minimally invasive transplant techniques of Laparoscopic and Robot Assisted Transplantation. Amit Goel pursued his M. S degree from Govt.

Medical College, Solapur, Maharashtra. He pursued M. General Surgery from Govt. Medical College, Aurangabad. He received his M. HospitalKolkata and is a certified Kidney Transplant surgeon. He was the pioneer of many Laparoscopic Urological Cancer surgeries in Dhaka. Feroz Amir Zafar has several years of rich professional experience in his field. His area of interest lies in microsurgical procedures for infertility varicocele surgery and reconstructive procedures for sexual dysfunction BPH laser verde prosthesis including Endourology treatment of kidney stones and prostate diseasestricture urethra and minimally invasive urology laparoscopic and robotic.

Feroz Amir Zafar has treated several patients in India and gives every patient the best of medical care. Feroz Amir Zafar has published several papers in India and abroad and is a member of prestigious medical associations.

Vikas Jain BPH laser verde one of the top Urologist and Renal Transplant surgeons with more than 15 years of rich medical experience. Having attained training and fellowships in advanced courses, he holds expertise in procedures like Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy LDN which is a minimal invasive procedure for removal of kidney for transplantation surgery.

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